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    Vehicle type

    Select vehicle type below.
    • Small Size Car e.g. Peugeot 107, Nissan Micra, VW Polo etc.
    • Medium Size Car e.g. Focus, Golf, Megane, Civic etc.
    • Saloons, Estates or SUV e.g. A4, Scenic, Touran, Jeep, Q7 etc.
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    Wash packages

    Which wash is best for your vehicle?
    • Maintenance Wash
      £ 30 00
      • Wheels deep cleaned inside-out using iron fallout remover and a variety of brushes.
      • Tyre walls cleaned, arches flushed.
      • Bodywork washed using snow foam, the two-bucket method, car shampoo and a Gtechniq wash mitt.
      • Forced Warm Air and Super Buff Towel Drying
      • Wheels dried, tyres dressed.
      • Door shuts and sills cleaned.
    • Maintenance Valet
      £ 50 00
      • Maintenance Wash PLUS:
      • Interior dusted and thoroughly vacuumed including the boot.
      • Interior windows, glass and dials cleaned.
      • Air freshener applied.
    • Bronze Valet
      £ 75 00
      • Maintenance Valet PLUS:
      • Hard surfaces cleaned using APC or Auto finesse spritz. (Plastics, dashboard, centre console, door cards, drinks holders, foot pedals etc.)
      • Floor mats cleaned and hoover extracted. (Wet vac recommended for heavily soiled.)
    • Silver Valet
      £ 100 00
      • Bronze Valet PLUS:
      • Fabric seats and carpet cleaned and hoover extracted. (Wet vac recommended for heavily stained.)
      • Leather seats and all other leather areas cleaned.
      • Dashboard and plastics dressed using Auto finesse dressle. (Matte finish UV protectant.)
    • Gold Valet
      £ 135 00
      • Silver Valet PLUS:
      • Tar deposits chemically removed from paintwork.
      • Paintwork hand polished using Auto finesse 3 in 1. (Cleanse, polish, protect.)
      • Auto finesse trim dressing.
      • Auto finesse window polish.
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    Add-on options

    Add services to your package.
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    Select date and time

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    Please note: any of the above valeting packages can go outside of the time limits as mentioned above, particularly with high end vehicles or excessively dirty interiors including sand, pet hair or mould. These prices are a guide for the majority of vehicles that I valet. Extensive dirt prices may be applied on site.
    We will confirm your appointment with you by phone or e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your request.